UQM to Supply Components to PEI Electronics

May 17, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

UQM Technologies (Golden, CO) announced that it will supply UQM propulsion motors, generators and power electronic controllers to PEI Electronics Inc. (Huntsville, AL). UQM reports that this is part of a program with AM General Corp. (South Bend, IN) to develop pre-production high-mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicles (HUMVEEs) powered by a hybrid-electric powertrain.

Commenting on the program, UQM Technologies President and CEO William G. Rankin said, “The military has always led in the adoption of advanced technologies in its equipment and systems. Hybrid-electric HUMVEEs are no exception, providing significantly improved mobility and fuel economy, the ability to be operated in low noise and heat signature stealth mode, and considerable on-board electric power. PEI's key role as systems integrator and power system provider has facilitated the launch of this production-intent program, which is a key step toward the deployment of these vehicles in military fleets worldwide in the near term. As the military continues toward its goal to broadly adopt hybrid-electric power systems in combat vehicles, we expect our proprietary products to be incorporated in additional military vehicle and weapon system platforms."