SynQor Reports Lead-Free DC Converter Production

November 11, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

SynQor Inc. (Hudson, MA) announced plans to eliminate the use of lead from its products and manufacturing processes. SynQor’s Lead-Free initiative will be achieved in two phases to be completed by July 31, 2003. The initial phase, which was recently completed, involves a change in the printed circuit board finish. The second phase will consist of eliminating lead from the solder utilized throughout the production process. When completed, SynQor will achieve a Lead-Free 2 status for their entire high-efficiency dc/dc converter line.

"The transition to lead-free dc/dc converters is a major concern for our customers," stated SynQor CEO Martin Schlecht. "SynQor has shown leadership in this area by studying this issue in depth and making the changes necessary for a totally lead-free product."