SSI Forum Announces the Availability of Open Specifications for Micro Server, Power Supply and Enclosure Classes

April 29, 2012 by Jeff Shepard

Server System Infrastructure Forum (SSI), a server industry group that drives server form factor standards, announced the approval and immediate availability of unrestricted access to specifications in the areas of micro server, power supply and enclosure. The specifications are now available to SSI and non-paying SSI members, furthering the organization’s charter of making open specifications available to all technology providers.

One of the open specifications includes the newly released Micro Module Server Specification, Version 1.1. This version extends multi-node support to enable higher system and rack densities to meet the needs of emerging scale out workloads, while still maintaining backwards compatibility with the version 1.0 specification.

These specifications will allow technology vendors, including independent hardware vendors (IHVs), original design manufacturers (ODMs), and original equipment manufacturer (OEMs), to utilize and adopt technologies that have been developed by the SSI Forum, saving them significant research and development costs and guarantee compliance and consistency with an industry standard design.

"As an open organization, it is critical that the SSI Forum provide technology vendors with unrestricted specifications to help them deliver innovative products to market more quickly based on reliable, interoperable platform standards," said Jim Ryan, chairman, SSI Forum. "The availability of ’free’ specifications for micro server, power supply and enclosure classes will ensure broader adoption of those specs, helping technology providers build products strictly consistent with those standards."

The new specifications will be subject to ongoing enhancements and revisions, leading to periodic updates and releases. Companies that would like to contribute to these updates and to have access to specification previews must be members of the SSI Forum.