Solyndra & Satcon Tp Partner On Commercial & Industrial Rooftop Solar Power Systems

May 11, 2009 by Jeff Shepard

Satcon Technology Corp. and Solyndra announced a strategic partnership to develop and deliver optimized system solutions for commercial rooftop solar power production. As part of the agreement, Satcon and Solyndra will both market Solyndra’s commercial solar PV systems with Satcon’s commercial solar PV inverters as well as collaborate on new technologies that will further optimize design, implementation and return on investment of large commercial and industrial solar PV power plants.

According to the companies, this partnership between two of the leading innovators in commercial grade solar PV lays the groundwork for long term cooperation on solutions that will revolutionize commercial solar power for years to come. By marketing Solyndra’s highly efficient solar panels and Satcon’s commercial ready suite of high efficiency solar inverter solutions, including Satcon’s PowerGate Plus, S-Type inverters, or the groundbreaking Solstice power conversion platform which dramatically increase power conversion from roof and ground mount solar PV plants, Solyndra and Satcon will leverage off the unique contributions that each has made to the solar PV market.

Solyndra states that its solutions enable customers to maximize rooftop solar energy generation through a combination of their unique 360-degree photovoltaic surface and through design flexibility that allows high rooftop coverage. Matching this with Satcon’s feature-rich solutions for power conversion is said to assure maximum power production in virtually any rooftop environment. In addition, Satcon offers the industry’s widest range of large scale inverter power ratings, allowing each solar installation to be tailor fitted to the optimal inverter size for increased system efficiency and performance.

"Our partnership with Satcon allows us to align our respective technologies and give our customers the maximum performance benefit from their systems," said Dr. Chris Gronet, CEO of Solyndra. "The combination of Satcon’s innovative power platforms, long history in commercial solar, and their wide range of commercial inverter power ratings, make them the obvious partner to collaborate with when creating highly optimized, flexible total system solutions."

"Solyndra is the leading innovator in the commercial rooftop solar energy market," said Steve Rhoades, President and Chief Executive Officer of Satcon Technology Corp.. "We are excited to partner with them to deliver a highly optimized solution for commercial rooftops and to drive the next level of innovation for the PV market. "