Solstin Plans the Fastest EV Charger

October 04, 2016 by Jeff Shepard

Solstin announced its deployment plan for the fastest EV Charger. Since the 1950s, solar power has been dropping about 15% a year. The trend promises clean, inexpensive energy. Solstin says the next challenge is getting the power from solar to electric vehicles. focuses on the combination of power storage with innovative, 200kW-power distribution.

Wireless chargers are emerging to charge while you drive. Wireless power eliminates the need to stop and charge and will eventually give EVs infinite range. At the annual Conference for the Electrification of Roads and Vehicles (CERV), papers and standards continue to mature wireless EV power.

The astest EV charging happens when self-driving vehicles lock-onto an 200kW, inductive centerline. Solstin’s vehicle coil is merely 4x9 inches. At CERV’s first conference, few anticipated the sudden reality of driverless vehicles. Most papers assumed the centerline variation of manual operated cars. However, reducing centerline variance reduces the road-coil and the vehicle-coil size. Self-driving EVs hold a better centerline and draw more power. Higher power also spreads the intermittent connections further apart. With Solstin’s 200-kilowatt connection, spacing could be one-kilometer apart, simplifying installation and road resurfacing.

Bryan Richards, Solstin’s Senior Product Developer, anticipated the synergy between autonomous vehicles and EVs with his first patent. In his second US patent, US8,556,050 B2, Bryan focused on an air-bearing electrical connection. In his third patent-pending application Bryan broadened close proximity claims with a 200kW, wireless embodiment.

The mostly parallel plan includes: Development of the 200kW wireless into a working prototype. Augment light-rail with a Dedicated Driverless (DD). Demonstrate zero-accident DD. Disrupt new light rail with 200kW DD. Expand 200kW wireless to street charging. Expand 200kW wireless charging to interstates. Accelerate expansion and accelerate, fossil-fuel disruption. For the most efficient operation, self-driving is a precedent to Solstin’s 200kW EV charger.