Solicore Teams with Ineltro Austria To Distribute Flexion® Batteries In Central Europe

November 04, 2008 by Jeff Shepard

Solicore has entered into an agreement with Ineltro Electronics GmbH, an Austrian electronics components supplier, for the distribution of their ultra-thin, flexible Flexion® batteries throughout Austria, Slovenia and Croatia. It is stated that this strategic distribution agreement will enable Solicore to increase their share in the European market, leveraging Ineltro’s extensive customer base and the company’s commitment to pairing applications with the most appropriate dedicated components.

"We have not previously seen anything like the Flexion battery," said Kurt Scheida, Business Development Manager for Ineltro. "Solicore’s specific size, thinness and flexibility make it an ideal solution to power the platforms our customers are creating. Adding this unique product to Ineltro’s portfolio enables us to not only assist our current clients that are developing new applications, but also provides the opportunity to increase our own customer base."

Solicore will be supplying batteries to Ineltro for use primarily in banking and credit cards as well as RFID devices. Ineltro’s credit card partners are developing platforms that utilize security applications, which would require the Flexion battery as an embedded power source to enable these capabilities. Solicore’s batteries’ unique features, such as their thinness and flexibility, will also allow Ineltro to expand from supplying components for passive RFID product manufacturers to also working with developers of active RFID products, which offer increased range and ability to support additional on-board functions.

"The demand for powered card solutions is growing worldwide, with Europe testing and implementing some of the most advanced cards on the market," said Solicore’s International Sales Director Robert Kovach. "With Solicore’s unique Flexion battery, we are driving innovation in this industry, providing the means for companies to develop thinner, more secure applications with multiple layers of functionality."