SMA America Lists UL Listing of Sunny Central 125U Inverter

February 28, 2005 by Jeff Shepard

SMA America Inc. (Grass Valley, CA) disclosed that Underwriter Laboratory (UL) has recognized the company's Sunny Central 125U-208 V grid-tie inverter. SMA can now offer a complete line of inverters in the US. The Sunny Central, capable of converting 125,000 W of solar energy, is the latest in the line of commercial-scale inverters to be introduced to the US from Germany.

SMA now offers the Sunny Boy inverter in 700 W, 1,100 W, 1,800 W, 2,500 W, 6,000 W and Sunny Central 125,000 W inverters for solar-electric/photovoltaic (PV) installations, wind, and fuel cell power systems. All units offer system modularity, and are designed for residential or commercial PV applications; the Sunny Central is perfect for larger, industrial applications.

SMA Marketing Director for America Sam Vanderhoof stated, "We are proud to offer another full-featured, power-conditioning inverter for the fastest-growing market segment in the PV industry. We are also happy to be a key player, bringing clean renewable energy to California, along with new jobs that support our products."