SFC Portable Fuel Cell System Receives Certification

February 13, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

Smart Fuel Cell AG (SFC, Munich, Germany) reported that it has obtained CE conformity for its SFC 25.2500 R fuel cell system after intensive testing at accredited laboratories. The system is now certified to comply with all relevant industry standards of the European Union. In addition, the M2500 exchangeable fuel cartridge containing 2.5 liters of neat methanol was successfully certified by the TUEV. It is now labeled with the TUEV mark and the GS label (safety tested).

Manfred Stefener, founder and CEO of SFC, said, "Safety and consumer convenience are the highest priority requirements for our products. The certifications we have now obtained - CE, TUEV and GS - are a clear indication that our product has reached a very high level of maturity. Since we also have the IATA and UN approvals for transport of the cartridges even onboard airplanes, we have overcome all the traditional obstacles for marketing of fuel cell technology, which puts us far ahead of our competition."