Sequence Design Announces Toshiba Electronic Design Automation Software Standardization

May 30, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

Sequence Design Inc. (Santa Clara, CA), announced that Toshiba Corporation Semiconductor Co. (Kawasaki, Japan), would standardize on its electronic design automation software as the basis for an advanced low-power design methodology to be jointly developed by both companies. Toshiba had previously used Sequence's power analysis software on several IC development projects. The new design methodology, code-named WattStar, will leverage both Sequence's and Toshiba's internally developed power-reduction technologies, as well as select third-party design software. The WattStar environment will be deployed across Toshiba's internal IC design operations and in the future, in its LSI design centers for use by Toshiba customers. "The combination of advanced submicron technologies, high clock rates and system-level integration on a chip is making power a critical issue for system design," notes Kiyofumi Ochii, General Manager of Toshiba System LSI Designs. "Toshiba is committed to making power a strategic advantage of our ICs."Under terms of the agreement, Sequence and Toshiba will work together to integrate Toshiba's own power-reduction technology together into a common framework based on Sequence's Watt Watcher design environment. "Our mission is to help customers produce the most power-efficient chips possible," says Alain Labat, CEO of Sequence. "Toshiba has developed a wealth of advanced power design know-how and internal tools. The combination of Toshiba's technology with our own will produce an extremely effective system and ultimately lower-power chips."