Saft Announces the Manufacturing Debut of its Polythium Lithium Polymer Technology Battery

July 29, 1999 by Jeff Shepard

Saft (France) recently announced it has begun manufacturing its Polythium lithium polymer technology battery. According to Saft, the patented technology will enable portable telecom manufacturers to reduce the size and weight of telephones significantly while remaining competitive price-wise. The Polythium batteries offer a thickness of 3.5mm, weight of 19g, and a size of 3.5 x 33 x 86mm. The batteries, which are totally flexible and adaptable to different formats, deliver 680mAh in a pulsed discharge to 3V.Saft plans to be manufacturing 5000 cells per day by September 1999, with a ramp up to more than 6 million cells annually by the end of 2000. In addition to portable phones, the Polythium is also suited to other portable markets such as palm tops, notebooks, and smart cards, as it is possible to make batteries as thin as 1mm with Polythium.