QinetiQ and Voller Sign Tubular Fuel Cell Agreement

October 12, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

Voller Energy (UK), a manufacturer of portable fuel cells, and QinetiQ (UK) signed a licensing agreement covering the manufacture of QinetiQ’s tubular proton-exchange membrane fuel cell technology. The 30mm long, tubular, hydrogen-based fuel cell can also be adapted to operate from liquid fuels. No pumps or fans are required for the tubular design. Fuel is fed into the cylinder and surrounding air provides the oxygen. When running on hydrogen, the fuel cell produces 2W.

Voller Energy already produces a range of portable battery chargers and mobile generators that use the fuel cell technology. Voller’s new portable system, the Portapac VE100, is the size of a small attaché case and features a selectable 60Hz/110V or 50Hz/230Vac mains supply and a 12Vdc battery charging supply.

"The tubular fuel cell design is ideal as a battery replacement for smaller applications, including mobile phones," stated Gary Mepsted, a QinetiQ technology manager. "We are very excited at the prospect, now to be accelerated through our agreement with Voller Energy."