PowerSmart's SmartShunt Receives US Patent

April 11, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

PowerSmart Inc. (Shelton, CT) has been issued US Patent 6,304,062 for its SmartShunt battery monitoring and reporting sensor, which is used to monitor battery state of charge in hybrid-electric vehicles; 12V, 24V and 42V starting battery systems; standby telecommunications battery backup; and UPS battery backup applications. The SmartShunts are also used in PbAcid, NiMH and lithium battery systems. The patent was issued approximately one year after application.

The SmartShunt performs major battery monitoring and reporting functions, including voltage, temperature, current and current integration measurements, as well as providing state-of-charge and battery health information via an advanced communications bus. The battery sensor is offered in 25A and 100A ratings. Alternate current ratings and customized mechanical mounting dimensions are also available, including versions capable of monitoring vehicle starting currents.

Pricing for the standard SmartShunt is less than $20 for 1,000-piece quantities.