Plug Power Signs Joint Agreement with Axiva to Develop Membrane Electrode Unit

April 23, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

Plug Power Inc. (Latham, NY) has signed a joint agreement with Axiva GmbH (Frankfurt, Germany) to develop a high-temperature membrane electrode unit (MEU), which is expected to simplify Plug Power's residential fuel cell systems and decrease their costs.

Under the agreement, Plug Power and Axiva will work together exclusively on the development of high-temperature MEUs for Plug Power fuel cell system applications. Axiva's MEU will enable Plug Power's fuel cell systems to operate reliably at temperatures above 120 degrees C.

The high operating temperature improves fuel cell tolerance to certain pollutants, enabling the user to effectively utilize the heat so that system efficiency is increased and reduces overall system complexity by simplifying the fuel processor.

"It is our intent to become the leading MEU supplier to the emerging fuel cell industry," said Bernd Sassenrath, Axiva president and CEO. "The relationship with Plug Power will be decisive for our success in the marketplace."