Pentadyne Enters into MOU with Toshiba for Flywheel Distribution in Medical & Broadcast Applications

April 15, 2007 by Jeff Shepard

Pentadyne Power Corp. announced that it has entered into a memorandum of understanding agreement (MOU) with Toshiba International Corp. for Toshiba to sell Pentadyne’s flywheel in medical and broadcasting UPS applications.

The Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system division of Toshiba Intl. will offer the Pentadyne VSS+DC energy storage system with Toshiba’s G8000 series of UPSs as a battery-free reliable power solution primarily for in-patient treatment/diagnostic equipment and for television broadcast facilities in North, Central and South America.

"Our current OEM distributor focuses on the data center and IT sectors, while Toshiba International Corp. will focus on applications in the patient care, broadcasting and industrial markets," said Frank DeLattre, Senior Vice President of Sales & Service at Pentadyne. "Toshiba targets those specific vertical markets with an advanced UPS system that’s exceptionally well suited to those applications. Adding the Pentadyne VSS+DC flywheel as a clean energy storage option to their product portfolio offers a wealth of benefits to these customer segments where we have a great fit, but limited reach to date. The MOU enables Toshiba International Corp. to sell our product into underserved markets without creating channel conflicts in the data center/IT applications where our other partner is thriving."

Pentadyne’s flywheel energy storage system can be used as a supplement to increase the reliability of conventional UPS lead-acid battery arrays, or can be used to eliminate the cost, maintenance and less predictable reliability burdens common to lead-acid batteries.

"Toshiba is a growing presence in the hospital and broadcast arenas, offering a premium UPS solution," said Pentadyne CEO Mark McGough. "Partnering with such a world-renowned brand is part of our strategy to build order volume and margin without impacting the sales growth we’re seeing from our existing distribution partners. It’s a win-win situation for all parties."

Greg Mack, Business Unit Manager of Toshiba International Corp.’s UPS division, said, "Patient care and broadcasting applications are very dynamic and demanding loads. With its unity output power factor and IGBT technology, our state of the art G8000 UPS is designed to operate effectively, efficiently and reliably in those challenging circumstances. The Pentadyne flywheel is a perfect energy storage solution for the demanding inrush load characteristics we see in these environments and also a green solution."