PC Subcommittee Charges Forward with Lithium Ion Battery Standard

October 30, 2006 by Jeff Shepard

IPC (Association Connecting Electronics Industries) announced that the IPC Lithium Ion Battery Subcommittee met October 12, 2006, at IPC headquarters in Bannockburn, Illinois, to develop the scope of an IPC standard for lithium (Li) ion battery cells used in laptop computers.

The subcommittee members, representing the major laptop manufacturers as well as leading independent research and development firms in the portable power industry, agreed that the scope of the standard would be to "cover process requirements, quality control and assurance for lithium (Li) ion battery cells. Manufacturing process requirements refer to incoming quality up through packaging and shipment. This standard applies to all form factors of rechargeable lithium ion battery cells, e.g. prismatic, cylindrical and pouch."

At this same meeting, Anthony F. Corkell, Quality and Standard Executive at Lenovo, was named Chair of the IPC Lithium Ion Battery Subcommittee. "We had a very productive, collaborative meeting with all the members of the committee dedicated to rapid development and deployment of the standard," Corkell said. "We have established a publication date of June 15, 2007 for the standard. It is an aggressive date but I am confident that the subcommittee and the industry working together can meet the deadline."

The Lithium Ion Battery Subcommittee is part of the IPC OEM Critical Components Council. This council, chaired by John Grosso, Dell Inc., is engaged in the standardization of a number of components used in the computer and telecommunications industry including air movement (fans) and power conversion devices.