NRCM Endorses Evergreen Wind Power Project

March 14, 2004 by Jeff Shepard

A proposal to develop Maine´s first wind farm along the ridge of Mars Hill Mountain has won the endorsement of the Natural Resources Council of Maine (NRCM), the state´s largest environmental organization, which said the plan by Evergreen Wind Power LLC (Bangor, ME) would reduce the impact of electric power generation on the environment and would be healthier for Mainers. The organization also said Maine should make a commmitment to have at least five percent of its electricity generated by wind power by 2010.

Evergreen filed an application for the 50 MW project with the state Department of Environmental Protection in late January, and a decision is expected this spring. The power from as many as 33 turbines would generate enough electricity to meet the needs of 33,000 homes. The NRCM said that by displacing dirtier forms of power generation, the project would lead to an annual reduction of 120,000 tons of carbon dioxide, 420 tons of sulfur dioxide and 288 tons of nitrogen oxides.