Motorola Energy Systems Group Grants Lithium-Ion Polymer Technology License to PolyStor

April 02, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

Motorola Energy Systems Group (ESG, Lawrenceville, GA) has granted PolyStor Corp. (Livermore, CA) an exclusive license to a portion of its lithium-ion polymer technology. Under this licensing agreement, PolyStor has the exclusive right to manufacture lithium-ion polymer batteries based on Motorola ESG technology, and the right to sublicense the technology.

"This agreement is part of our ongoing effort to move innovative technology out of the lab environment and into the marketplace," said Jerry Blanton, senior vice president and general manager of Motorola ESG. "We are very pleased to see that this research and development effort will be brought to commercialization shortly by PolyStor. We anticipate that our agreement will help drive the industry to develop higher performing, thinner batteries, at a lower cost."

PolyStor's current plans call for the development of the Motorola technology later this year in PolyStor's PolyCell polymer product line. PolyCell is the first LiNiCoO2 based lithium-ion polymer battery. PolyStor will use its flexible production line to customize cell size and shape to meet custom applications in ultra-thin form factors.

"The Motorola licensed technology is a third-generation, lithium-ion polymer technology, which represents the state-of-the-art for lithium-polymer batteries," noted James L. Kaschmitter, CEO of PolyStor. "This technology makes PolyStor a world leader in lithium-ion polymer batteries."