Moltech Powers Alegna's PowerLink572

June 18, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

Moltech Power Systems Inc. (Gainesville, FL) has announced that it provides the brains and technology behind Alegna Inc.'s (Reston, VA) PowerLink 572, a portable power unit that provides up to ten times the internal battery power of many cellular telephones and other handheld devices. The custom lithium-ion battery pack, created specifically to power this new portable power source, provides up to five amp hours of capacity at 7.2V. The company claims it is small, light and thin, providing more energy in less space.The PowerLink572 consists of a lithium-ion battery measuring 4.80 by 3.0 by 4.80 inches in a charger unit. The device comes with a removable belt-clip, an ac and dc adapter and an appropriate adapter cable. The PowerLink is compatible with most cellular and hand-held devices.Moltech was selected by Alegna to develop the custom battery because of its experience with integrated power development, its ability to tailor electronic solutions to specific devices, its battery design expertise and its extensive manufacturing experience. Alegna is the original equipment manufacturer for the PowerLink572. The company recently spun-off its mobile communications group which provides mobile satellite communication accessory products for government and corporate clients.