MicroSun Technologies Announces Custom Medical Grade Charger

April 10, 2007 by Jeff Shepard

MicroSun Technologies announced that it has developed a custom application-oriented charger designed and tested to meet stringent medical requirements.

The charger is designed to operate globally and has the capacity to charge up to 10 single-cell lithium ion devices independently. The advanced system only activates the output when a battery is present using Hall Effect sensing technology. The charging algorithm includes specialized boost modes to improve the charge time of the device. The system power is optimized for high efficiency, low heat generation and low EMI susceptibility.

The company claims that the charger is built to the highest standards for safety and medical requirements, including EN-60601 class 1, UL60601-1, CSA22.2 No601.1-M90 (regulatory), CISPR11 class B, IEC61000 (electromagnetic), IEC60529 IPx1 (liquid ingress), IEC68-2 (shock/vibration). MicroSun tests and reports all customer required parameters for validation and verification. The device is specially designed to allow easy service and minimize costs in field service equipment and materials for repair. The device is built to last with a mean time between failure of over 100K hours for electrical operation or 10K cycles for mechanical insertions.