Mersen to Acquire 49% of SiC Start-up CALY Technologies

April 18, 2018 by Paul Shepard

CALY Technologies announced investment and support from Mersen to thrust deployment of SiC-based Protection and Power Electronics solutions. By joining forces with Mersen, who acquired 49% of CALY Technologies, the company is now able to accelerate its capacity to deliver groundbreaking innovative products for Electrical Protection and Power Conversion applications in highly demanding markets.

This investment enables CALY Technologies to boost the development, industrial and commercial effort to expand and consolidate its product portfolio of unique Silicon Carbide (SiC) Current Limiting Devices (CLD) and Extended Surge-Capability Schottky Diodes.

The level of investment by Mersen not only reinforces a long-lasting collaboration between both companies, already expressed through co-patented core technology for advanced protection applications, but also demonstrates the strong confidence on CALY Technologies’ management.

Mersen and CALY Technologies unite their strength to better serve power electronics and electrical distribution markets with innovating and disruptive products. This move is the outcome of several years of collaboration and co-patented core technology developments.

As a result of this investment, Mersen will expand its portfolio of over-current, surge protection and current limiting products and solutions while developing its expertise in semiconductor technologies. These semiconductor electrical protection devices will serve fast growing markets such as Electric Vehicles, Electrical Energy Storage, Critical-Load Buildings, Photovoltaics and Aerospace.

The amount of the investment is not material for Mersen.