Medis Announces Agreement with UK Telephone Operator

July 04, 2005 by Jeff Shepard

Medis Technologies Ltd. (New York) announced that it has entered into a cooperation agreement with a broadly affiliated United Kingdom mobile telephone operator for the purposes of market testing and introducing Medis’ fuel cell Power Packs as a secondary power source for portable electronic devices offered by the mobile operator. The agreement is similar to the previously announced agreement with a major mobile operator in the United States.

The UK mobile operator is a recent entrant into the market, offering to its eight-million subscriber customer base an advanced video mobile, third-generation network. It is part of a global network that reaches many countries, and its shareholders are some of the world’s largest mobile operators.

"We are very pleased with the signing of a cooperation agreement with this mobile operator, particularly in view of its advanced product line and the broad outreach of its major shareholders," said Medis Technologies Chairman and CEO Robert Lifton. "As we have previously announced, by entering into this kind of contractual relationship, the mobile operator is helping to further our market seeding efforts by introducing our Power Pack product to their customer base. We anticipate the signing of additional cooperation agreements, which will further expand our outreach to the 'enterprise' and broad consumer markets."