Manhattan Scientifics and Aprilia Join to Develop Fuel Cell Bicycles

December 11, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

Manhattan Scientifics (New York, NY) announced that it has entered into an agreement with Aprilia SPA (Italy) to develop a fuel-cell powered concept bicycle. Aprilia commented that it will be using the fuel cell technology developed by Manhattan Scientifics' European affiliate, NovArs GmbH (Passau, Germany).

The new concept bicycle is similar to the Hydrocycle unveiled by Manhattan Scientifics earlier this year and is based on an existing Aprilia electric bicycle and motor. Aprilia replaced its Ni-MeH battery system with the Manhattan Scientifics' power system consisting of NovArs' fuel cell, fuel source, pressure reducer and control electronics.

Aprilia also modified the mechanical styling features to accommodate the fuel cell system. The fuel cell uses hydrogen, supplied from a two-liter pressurized tank, to provide 670W of power to the bicycle drive motor at ambient pressure, with minimum ancillary equipment. This is sufficient to give it a range of 70km to 100km per filling of fuel.

Manhattan Scientifics COO Jack Harrod said, “This is another step forward in bringing our fuel cell technology to market. Aprilia is one of Europe's leading and most respected companies in the motor scooter and motorcycle industry. They are an excellent partner to jointly develop a concept fuel cell bicycle and help us take the first serious steps to commercialization. If our initial effort together is successful, we are hopeful this could lead to a more extensive agreement with Aprilia."