Largest Value-Added Opportunity for AC-DC Power Supply Makers

September 27, 2011 by Jeff Shepard

The emerging Smart Grid will be the source of the largest-ever opportunity for value-added for makers of ac-dc power supplies, according to the latest analysis by Darnell Group. To effectively connect and interact with the Smart Grid, ac-dc power supplies will need to incorporate Energy Measurement, be able to Communicate that information and be able to Respond to commands from the Smart Grid. Energy Measurement, Communications and Control are all topics that provide the focus at the Second-Annual Smart Grid Electronics Forum in San Jose, California, October 24 & 25. Early Registration is now open:

The embedded ac-dc power supply market is facing an unprecedented number of opportunities that have not been typical for this industry in the past. Driven by new applications such as the Smart Grid and Solid-State Lighting, ac-dc power supplies are undergoing a significant shift in demand characteristics that will result in new product designs and sales opportunities. These are discussed in detail in Darnell Group’s tenth edition report, "AC-DC Power Supplies: Worldwide Forecasts."

The smart grid is expected to change the design of all types of electronic equipment. Although the power electronics used in the smart grid are still being defined, Darnell Group has identified several segments that are showing the greatest potential for power supply manufacturers: smart meters for monitoring residential electricity, water and gas; electric vehicle chargers; and "smart appliances" that rely on demand response to adjust energy usage. A promising direction is the ability to remotely monitor and "dispatch" energy as needed in building, such as lighting control systems.

In line with these findings, this year’s Smart Grid Electronics Forum features more Plenary Papers and expanded regular sessions.

The Plenary Session at the 2011 Smart Grid Electronics Forum will feature senior executives from 3eTI, Fairchild Semiconductor, FreeWave Technologies, Marvell Technology, Qualcomm Atheros, Redpine Signals, TDI Power, and Viridity Energy. Plenary session topics will include; challenges of home area networks, using Wi-Fi embedded chipsets, optimization of smart grid communications, assimilating EV/PHEV power plants into the smart grid, increasing the functionality of photovoltaic generation with local energy storage, and more.

To be co-hosted by Darnell Group and Hearst Electronics Group, the 2011 Smart Grid Electronics Forum (SGEF ’11) overall schedule includes sessions on Smart Meters & Energy Management, Communications & Security, Integrating Renewable Generation, Applications of DC Microgrids, Connecting Equipment to the Smart Grid, Industrial Applications, and more. In addition to a strong focus on today’s "best practices," SGEF ’11 will look forward toward next-generation design solutions for electronic equipment. This year’s program is here.

Information on Darnell Group’s tenth edition report, "AC-DC Power Supplies: Worldwide Forecasts" is here.

More news and information regarding the latest developments in Smart Grid electronics can be found at Darnell’s SmartGridElectronics.Net.