Invensys, Sprint North Supply Agreement On Distribution Channel for Best Power UPSs

September 20, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

Invensys Power Systems (Necedah WI) announced that it has signed an agreement with Sprint North Supply (New Century, KS) to serve as a distribution channel for the entire line of Best Power uninterruptible power systems. Effective immediately, Sprint North Supply will offer power systems from 250VA to 220,000VA, which can protect critical equipment starting from a single modem to PBX installations, data communications centers and ISPs."We are extremely excited about our new relationship with Sprint North Supply," said Randy Adleman, vice president of sales for Secure Power. "As telecommunications networks become increasingly advanced, their continued operation becomes more and more critical. Whether you're talking about key systems, PBX, ISPs or data banks, clean uninterrupted power is the linchpin for these businesses. Through relationships with distributors like Sprint North Supply, we are able to provide companies with products that offer the highest level of system availability."