International Rectifier Unveils Its DC/DC Roadmap

February 06, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

International Rectifier (IR, El Segundo, CA) recently announced what it claims is a comprehensive roadmap for power-conversion components and packaging capabilities aimed at maintaining isolated and buck dc/dc converter efficiency.

"Our new dc/dc roadmap is focused on providing the power-conversion component and packaging technology to power advanced microprocessors at under 1V, a key enabling factor for the next generation of servers, routers and desktop PCs," said Alex Lidow, CEO at IR. "With currents escalating as supply voltages drop, designers are increasingly challenged to implement efficient distributed-power supplies at the heart of servers, routers, telecom equipment and 1GHz PCs."

IR also announced it is offering MOSFETs and control ICs that keep isolated dc/dc converters with 3.3V outputs operating at efficiencies of 90 percent or more.

"Our latest effort, MOSFETs and control ICs for dc/dc converters, helps single-forward-topology brick manufacturers eliminate more than 25 percent of the losses in their 3.3V output, 200W product lines," Lidow commented. "And our roadmap gives them a clear view of 2.5V and 1.8V solutions from IR coming in the near future."

According to the company, dc/dc designers can view the complete IR dc/dc roadmap and monitor its progress at a special IR website.