IBM’s New POWER7 Systems First in Class to Meet ENERGY STAR Efficiency Requirements

April 06, 2010 by Jeff Shepard

IBM announced that its POWER7-based 750 Express and Power 755 models are the first four-processor systems in the industry to qualify for ENERGY STAR® status.

To qualify for ENERGY STAR status, a computer system must meet specific standards for power supply and energy efficiency and provide users with data on power use, thermal output, and processor utilization at periodic intervals. In addition, the manufacturer must report power and performance information to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Energy, which co-manage the ENERGY STAR program.

Powered by IBM’s POWER7 processor, the Power 750 Express and Power 755 systems can deliver four times the performance for the same price – and are three to four times more energy efficient than the POWER6 systems they replace. With their power management capabilities, the Power 750 Express and Power 755 systems can help clients maximize the workload delivered for each kilowatt-hour of energy consumed, while helping to reduce energy consumption and data center space.

POWER7 microprocessors deliver intelligent energy features that can help dynamically optimize energy usage and performance to provide balance to support workload requirements:

– Power Saver Mode or Dynamic Power Saver Mode: These modes can halve processor frequency to reduce energy use, or modulate voltage and frequency to optimize processor and system energy use.

– Processor Core Nap: A low power mode in which the hardware stops processor core execution by locking most of the circuits inside the core in the absence of workload.

– Processor Folding: This function matches and optimizes the number of processors applied to current workload and puts unneeded processors in Nap Mode.

– EnergyScale for Input/Output Systems: IBM POWER7 systems automatically power off pluggable, PCI adaptor slots that are empty or not being used.

"IBM has been a strong partner to the ENERGY STAR program," said Andrew Fanara, U.S. EPA Energy Star Program Manager. "U.S. EPA appreciates IBM’s ongoing contributions to both the development of Energy Star IT equipment standards and their commitment to work with U.S. EPA to improve energy efficiency across the data center ecosystem to deliver environmental benefits both to the data center and through the innovative application of IT capabilities.