HydrogenSource Develops Fuel Cell Processing System

December 01, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

HydrogenSource LLC (South Windsor, CT), a designer of fuel processing systems for the fuel cell industry, announced that it has completed a prototype, off-the-shelf, fuel processing system for small stationary, proton-exchange membrane fuel cell power plants. HydrogenSource's Vega 5 is designed to be a stand-alone fuel processing system, capable of generating enough hydrogen reformate from natural gas to power a 5kW fuel cell power plant.

The Vega 5 is designed to offer a viable fuel processing solution to fuel cell companies targeting premium power, uninterruptible power supplies, back-up power and residential markets. The Vega 5 utilizes HydrogenSource's patented, catalytic, partial-oxidation technology to reform hydrocarbon fuels. The compact, integrated design and rapid start time of HydrogenSource's technology are key attributes. The Vega 5 will be available for evaluation by interested parties in June 2003.