Hydro-Quebec, Dassault, Heuliez Reach EV Agreement

March 09, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

Hydro-Quebec (Montreal) and the Societe de Vehicules Electriques (SVE) of France announced that they are actively collaborating to engineer an electric vehicle using motor, battery and power electronic products developed by Hydro-Quebec. The announcement was made jointly by the heads of SVE's principal shareholders, Groupe Industriel Marcel Dassault CEO Serge Dassault and Groupe Henri Heuliez CEO Gerard Queveau, and by Hydro-Quebec CEO Andre Caille.

Products developed and marketed by Hydro-Quebec subsidiaries TM4 and AVESTOR, combined with Dassault and Heuliez knowledge, will make it possible to develop a primarily electric vehicle that meets market expectations. Hydro-Quebec will provide the drive system, including the electric drive train and the lithium-metal-polymer battery. Dassault and Heuliez are completing the electric vehicle prototype, which will be presented in a few months. The first markets targeted are commercial and institutional fleets in Europe and North America.