High-Performing Thermal Materials to be Unveiled

November 03, 2016 by Power Pulse1595211359

DuPont Electronic Materials today announced the launch of a new portfolio of thermal solutions under the brand name DuPontâ„¢ Temprionâ„¢ thermal management materials. The Temprionâ„¢ portfolio is completely non-silicone and currently includes thermal greases, thermal gap fillers, electrically insulating films and adhesive thermal tapes. In applications such as hand-held devices, computers, car batteries and high-power electronic motors where heat dissipation is a major concern, the use of Temprionâ„¢ can improve performance, reduce the risk of failure and allow engineers to design with confidence. DuPont will showcase the Temprionâ„¢ portfolio at the upcoming electronica tradeshow in Munich, Germany, Nov. 8-11, 2016, in hall C4, booth 210.

“Thermal management is a significant challenge for application engineers,” said DuPont Electronic Materials Industrial Segment Leader Itaru Matsuyama. “Performance requirements continue to increase and with that comes added heat. Temprion™ was specifically designed to meet these growing needs and reliably deliver performance that can be counted on for the lifetime of an application.”

Thermal management materials play a critical role in ensuring electronic devices and electrical assemblies run properly. If heat is not properly dissipated, it can result in catastrophic failure, including fire. The Temprionâ„¢ portfolio of products offer excellent thermal conductivity, lower thermal resistance, greater heat dissipation and improved thermal stability during continuous use. The portfolio currently includes:

DuPont™ Temprion™ electrically insulating films – offer thermal conductivity and thermal resistance that are nearly two times higher performing than next best alternative competitive product; ideal for power electronic, consumer devices, and lithium-ion batteries.

DuPont™ Temprion™ thermal greases – dispensable and designed for thin bond-line applications such as in LEDs and CPUs.

DuPont™ Temprion™ thermal gap fillers – dispensable and designed for thick or multiple bond-line applications such as in power modules and automotive applications.

DuPont™ Temprion™ adhesive thermal tapes – offer low thermal resistance at low application pressure for bonding heatsinks or heat spreaders in applications such as computers and LED lighting.

In addition to Temprionâ„¢, DuPont also offers a number of complementary thermal materials including:

DuPont™ Kapton® MT+ polyimide film – offers the highest thermal conductivity with the electrical and mechanical durability expected from the Kapton® brand.

DuPont™ Kapton® RS polyimide film – electrically conductive polyimide film with a constant resistivity that can be used in a variety of flexible heater applications.