Harnessing Indoor Photovoltaic Power for IoT Device Connectivity

March 28, 2019 by Paul Shepard

Atmosic™ Technologies announced its photovoltaic-powered connectivity solution that dramatically extends the battery life of IoT devices. Built on Atmosic's M3 Series chipset, the company's energy harvesting technology captures photovoltaic power from ambient light sources, which are sufficient to power Atmosic-connected IoT devices.

"The light around us offers abundant energy to be harvested, both indoors, even in lowlight and outdoors in solar light. Atmosic leverages these sources to harness photovoltaic power for IoT devices," said CEO, David Su.

"Ambient and solar power are hugely beneficial energy sources for connected IoT deployments, particularly in environments that require wireless location-based sensors in outdoor venues such as malls, stadiums, factories, retail stores, enterprises and the connected home. To make energy harvesting a viable power source, Atmosic is providing the industry's lowest power Bluetooth for IoT," Su added.

Atmosic's photovoltaic-power connectivity solution is a feature of its M3 series, built on the Bluetooth® 5 standards platform and the company's Lowest Power Radio and On-demand Wake-Up technologies, which enable 10 to 100 times lower power than comparable IoT solutions on the market. The M3 series features energy harvesting to enable forever battery life for IoT devices to be "Forever Connected, Anywhere."

Atmosic believes the advances of Bluetooth® technology with its latest iteration known as Bluetooth 5, offers the ideal wireless platform, upon which the company has built its inaugural solutions. The new Bluetooth 5 offers performance increases over legacy Bluetooth by 4x the range, 2x the speed and 8x the bandwidth.

Enhancing this standards-based platform with its lowest power radio, Atmosic has achieved 10-times lower power in Bluetooth 5-based products. Combined with on-demand wakeup these solutions are capable of 100-times lower power. And with controlled energy harvesting Atmosic's ICs make the batteries in IoT devices last forever or be battery free.

The M3 Series silicon is sampling with customers now, and will be in mass production at the end of Q2.