GaN Systems Launches Online Experience Showcase

April 06, 2020 by Paul Shepard

GaN Systems has launched its Virtual Experience site displaying the latest technology innovations that are using GaN transistors as a cornerstone technology for smaller, lighter, and more efficient power electronics systems.

With event cancellations and postponements, GaN Systems’ Virtual Experience will be ongoing, and is offering visitors an online showcase of new transistor products and power modules, reference designs and tools, and customer demonstrations, including:


  • Automotive EV onboard charger and dc-dc converter from Canoo and Brightloop
  • An All-GaN-Vehicle featuring a GaN traction inverter, GaN onboard charger, and GaN dc-dc converter with work contributed by Toyota and others


  • Class D audio evaluation kit containing an amplifier board and a companion SMPS board featuring superior sound, high performance, and high power
  • Mobile phone and computer adapters that are 3- to 4-times smaller with GaN versus silicon, including devices from Eggtronic and CUI

Data Center & 5G:

  • 3kW data center server power supply and 48V dc-dc power stage module
  • 5G residential broadband indoor access via wireless power through-wall and through-window solutions


  • Siemens Simatic Micro-Drive factory motor controller offering increased efficiency, faster motor response time, and smaller size
  • PicoLAS laser drive delivering high power, >10kW, in a form factor 10X smaller than comparable systems

Solutions & Design Tools:

  • Automotive GaN power transistors, including 650V/60A Gen2 automotive transistors that meet enhanced AEC-Q101 performance tests and lifetime requirements
  • World’s first PLECS simulation models for 100V devices
  • High power 100V and 650V integrated DrGaN modules