Fujitsu Licenses Transmeta Heat, Power Managment Tech

December 01, 2004 by Jeff Shepard

Fujitsu Ltd. (Japan) has licensed the LongRun2 power management and transistor leakage control technologies of Transmeta Corp. for use in its current and future generation semiconductor products. NEC agreed to license the technology last year, and Transmeta has begun to see licensing revenues from the technology this year.

The LongRun2 is based on Transmeta’s LongRun power management technology, which adjusts megahertz and voltage hundreds of times per second to reduce power consumption. The LongRun2 extends this approach by adjusting transistor threshold voltages to control transistor leakage to reduce leakage caused by changes in run time conditions, such as voltage and temperature, which are not pre-determined when the chip is manufactured.