Eos Energy Storage and Incodema Ramp-Up Production of MW-Scale Batteries

November 17, 2013 by Jeff Shepard

Eos Energy Storage and Incodema Group have announced a partnership that will launch MW-scale manufacturing of Eos's safe, low-cost zinc hybrid-cathode (Znyth™) battery technology. Eos's 1MW/6MWh Aurora energy storage system is designed to integrate renewable energy production, increase the electricity grid's efficiency and resiliency, and reduce utility companies' costs and consumers' electricity bills. Incodema Group is a NY-based manufacturer and full-service rapid prototype provider, offering state-of-the-art equipment and capabilities required to scale emerging technologies from design to production.

“Eos’s mission is to provide utilities and end-use customers with an energy storage solution that solves real business problems—at a lower cost than incumbent solutions,” said Eos President Steve Hellman. “To accomplish this, we not only have to produce an inexpensive battery; we have to produce a battery inexpensively.”

Eos’s proprietary Znyth™ technology represents the next generation of rechargeable zinc-based batteries, employing widely available materials and highly standardized manufacturing processes to create a system that can achieve 10,000 cycles (or a 30 year life) at a disruptive price of $160/kWh for the dc system. “By using only commoditized manufacturing—such as metal cutting and stamping, injection molded plastics, and stackable assembly—we believe that Eos will be the low cost leader for utility scale batteries,” explained Eos CEO Michael Oster.

“Our team of engineers, designers, and QA experts is second to none when it comes to transitioning a technology from rapid prototyping to full-scale manufacturing,” said Incodema Group President Sean Whittaker. “We like Eos’s technology because it enables a low-cost, highly-scalable production process. There are no clean rooms, no complex deposition processes, and no hazardous materials. Incodema has a long-standing relationship with Eos and we look forward to taking this next step in bringing a compelling product to market.” The joint manufacturing effort will create 15-20 incremental jobs in the upstate NY region and will lay the groundwork for further job growth as manufacturing expands to meet rapidly growing demand.

“We believe our approach is the most capital efficient path to market,” Hellman noted. “By partnering with Incodema, we can scale-up more quickly, at lower cost and with less risk.” Initial production will be reserved for projects coordinated with a group of global utilities, independent power producers, and energy service providers comprising Eos’s Genesis Program. NRG (also an investor in Eos) was first to join the Genesis Program and was soon followed by Enel, GDF SUEZ, National Grid, and Public Service Company of New Mexico, among others.

Eos’s first pilot project will be with Con Edison of New York, with installation anticipated in early 2014. Collectively, Eos’s Genesis Partners represent over 350 gigawatts of generation, 1.8 million miles of transmission and distribution, and 81 million customers in over 70 countries.