Enova Integrates and Delivers Hybrid Drive

December 14, 2005 by Jeff Shepard

Enova Systems Inc. has integrated and delivered a post transmission 120 kW hybrid drive truck to a major North American truck manufacturer. It is believed that the performance of this vehicle has the potential to lead to future production in the second half of 2006 and beyond.

The performance, as delivered, was yielding an average "fuel consumption" savings of more than 31% and a "miles per gallon" increase in excess of 48%. "The confirmed fuel consumption and mileage improvements provide the necessary benefits to make a very good business case," commented Mike Staran, Enova's Vice President of Marketing.

The IGBT-based inverter operates with an input voltage range of 250 to 425 Vdc. The liquid-cooled design produces an output of 120 kW with an efficiency of over 95%. The inverter section weighs 41 kg (90 lbs).

Enova believes that its strengthened balance sheet, a result of its recent US$18 million capital raising from London's AIM market, together with its leading-edge technological position and growing global market presence creates an ideal environment to attract production-oriented, hybrid-electric drive system programs of this type.

Enova has relationships with and has made sales to a number of vehicle manufacturers and other interested parties including both Wrightbus and Eneco in the UK, First Auto Works, a major Chinese automotive manufacturer, EcoPower Technology in Italy, Tomoedenki of Japan, the City of New York, USA, Hyundai in South Korea, Ford Motor Company and several US and Hawaii government agencies.