Emerson Motors Is Selected to Develop Electric Traction Motors for EVs

March 20, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Emerson Motors (St. Louis, MO) has been selected by Ecostar Electric Powertrain and Power Conversion Systems (Dearborn, MI) to assist in the development of electric traction motors for fuel cell-powered electric vehicles.

Emerson Motors has partnered with Ecostar to develop the primary drive unit, which consists of a traction inverter module and a motor/transaxle. The traction drive completely replaces the internal combustion engine. Emerson Motors has already developed several prototype traction drive motors for Ecostar.

“Emerson Motors has always been on the leading edge of electric motor technology and we welcome the opportunity to use our technology for the betterment of the environment and to meet the country's increasing energy demands," commented Dick Schul, vice president of Emerson Motors Group. President and CEO Ross Witschonke of Ecostar added, “We turned to Emerson Motors for its progressive, quality motors. We were aware of their technology capabilities, and they've really proven themselves on this project."