E-Cargo Bike with 250W Motor goes 60km on a Charge

April 13, 2017 by Jeff Shepard

Sanitov Bicycles is launching two innovative products this spring: an e-cargo bike, the "movE", and a stunning single-speed bicycle, called simply "speeD". The movE and the speeD will redefine urban mobility even if they offer different experiences.

movE has a built in 250W motor enabling driver and goods to go 25km/hour for 40 to 60 km. Its 36V, 15.6Ah Li-ion battery recharges in 5-8 hours and has a smart external charging port. Back loaded, movE is designed to minimize the frontal collision on goods/children. This makes the bike safer when riding in bicycle lanes. There is a built in GPS tracker which is connected to an "Art of Movement" app designed by Sanitov too, which tracks distance as well as C02 emissions saved, plus calories used. Attached is more details on the wheels, gears, motor and type of battery.

The cargo bike is specifically designed to enhance handling. It is useful when navigating narrow back streets. The new bike has flexible load capacity up to 200kg. The bike also comes with a desert tent, specific seats for children and a lid and logistics box to safely transport goods.

The product of six years’ dedicated work, movE is both a look to the past and a leap to the future. Its design follows Danish design principles of functionality and minimalism but also takes inspiration from a classic Chinese load-bike predating the Cultural Revolution. movE is back-loaded and has a concealed, electric motor to assist the user as he/she moves about in the city. The backloaded design – which distinguishes movE from other cargo bikes - has several advantages. It improves navigation and makes it possible to transport greater quantities of goods, as stacked goods do not impair the rider’s forward field of vision.

An optional GPS tracker is available for the movE; useful if the cargo bike is misplaced or stolen. The GPS system also makes it possible to track bikes as they navigate the city. This is useful for delivery companies, helping to optimize their operations. Private users also can benefit from this feature as it makes it possible to help friends, family and neighbors with daily tasks such as pick-ups. This will support urban communities in the emerging shared economy. (Note that the launch of this revolutionary application is scheduled for November 2017).

speeD is a beautiful single-speed bike designed with the modern urban dweller in mind. Its simple design and features means that it is easy to maintain, while its clean lines ensure that the owner looks stylish as he/she moves about in the city. The movE and the speeD offer two different types of mobility but together they redefine what urban mobility is.

“Since the dawn of the industrial revolution, our need for speed has encouraged environmentally unsustainable modes of transportation. With the movE and the speeD, Sanitov seeks to change the way we navigate the world. Each Sanitov product incorporates aspects of many cultures and styles in its own original mix to create a perfect hybrid for the future,” says Sanitov Founder and CEO, Alexander Host. “All our products rethink urban mobility and how it can be improved. This narrative way of thinking about space is what drives us forward and what ensures continued relevance of our products.”

movE follows Danish design principles of functionality and minimalism. It includes novel digital features making it ready for a digital urban future. movE has a concealed, electric motor system as standard, supporting the user when s/he transports heavy goods or children. It also supplies a GPS tracker (optional) with power. The GPS tracker traces the cargo bike’s movement in urban space. It makes it possible to locate the bike at any moment, useful for those concerned about theft.

The tracker is supported by a mobile application “The Art Of MovEment “ – also known as the (currently in development). TAOM provides stats in real-time on the good the rider does for the environment (CO2 emission reduction) and for his/her health (calories burnt) by choosing to cycle rather than drive. It also is useful for delivery and operations optimization.

In time, the app will service a community of users which can link up and share their experiences with the cargo bike. This will allow users to help neighbors or friends with everyday chores such as collecting and dropping off parcels, all traced in real-time.

movE has been designed to ensure flexibility and functionality when navigating the city. A low turning radius ensures easy and intuitive navigation while the back-loaded design makes navigation safer. The bike has the lowest turning radius on the market.

Placing passengers in the back rather than the front increases safety. Frontal collisions are markedly less dangerous this way. It also enables the user to transport greater quantities of goods than on a front-loaded bike without adversely influencing navigation.

The Sanitov Cargo Bike will be available for purchase at Indiegogo from April 14th, 2017. The recommended retail price of the bike will be $3,395 but it is marketed at considerable discounts during the indiegogo campaign. The first 30 pledgers will get the bike at less than 50% of the market price, with later pledgers getting the bike at just under 60% of the cost. The movE model already is less expensive than its direct competitors. GPS tracker and other accessories are available at additional cost.