Darnell Releases Global Communications Report

January 27, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

The Darnell Group Inc. (Corona, CA) announced the release of the sixth edition of its Global Communications Power: Market Forecasts, Economic Trends and Competitive Analysis Report, which intends to identify the factors driving the communications power system market under the current economic conditions. While the current economic conditions are changing some of the rules, they will simply result in various "shifts" that still provide opportunities for communications power system manufacturers. Knowing where and when those shifts will take place will help companies remain competitive in this changing marketplace.

Compared to Darnell’s previous "Global Communications Power" studies, the new seventh edition has expanded dc power system breakouts from three to five. Power system forecasts are done based on micro, small, medium, large and co-class power systems. The new categorization allows a more detailed analysis of the power systems used in different applications with different power requirements.

As an added value, the report also contains a pricing model for dc power systems, which includes pricing assumptions, an equation for calculating power system prices and the percentage of the dollar value of major power system components on which the calculation is based. The introduction of the pricing model allows Darnell to conduct forecasts not only in dollars, but also in units and pricing, and use pricing as a tool to cross-check the reasonableness of the subsequent forecast numbers.

For more information, or to order the report, please contact Darnell by mail at 1159-B Pomona Road, Corona, CA 92882; by phone or fax at (909) 279-6684, (909) 273-9505; by e-mail at [email protected]; or visit to view the abstract and online order form.