CSR and LTC Announce Strategic Agreement

September 30, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR, Cambridge, England) and Linear Technology Corp. (LTC, Milpitas, CA) announced an agreement for LTC to supply its battery charging technology for CSR Bluetooth applications. The strategic supplier agreement enables development of new Bluetooth applications to meet the market's fast-growing demand for wireless connectivity.

The first Bluetooth application is aimed at the cellular phone headset market, where LTC's battery charger is specifically listed in CSR's headset reference design alongside other components. This allows compact and efficient solutions that combine LTC's battery charger with CSR's BlueCore Bluetooth silicon. The companies will announce additional LTC products for use in CSR reference application designs shortly. CSR has selected LTC’s LTC4054L-4.2 battery charger IC for its lithium-ion button cell powered Bluetooth headset reference design. The small ThinSOTTrade; (SOT-23) charger IC is optimized to provide both 7% charge current accuracy and thermal regulation for accurate charging and battery protection.

Dave Bell, president of Linear Technology, commented, "We are pleased to team up with CSR, the world leader in Bluetooth. CSR's industry-leading position in Bluetooth, combined with Linear Technology's broad line of battery chargers, provides customers with a compact and efficient solution. With the Bluetooth wireless market now taking off, our strategic relationship is well timed to ensure customers a fast production ramp with high-quality, Bluetooth-enabled products."