Compact Power Partners with Mexicana Airlines

April 06, 2006 by Jeff Shepard

Compact Power Systems (CPS) has penned a partnership with Mexicana Airlines to offer a Cellboost ™ for cell phones to all Executive Class travelers beginning today and running all month long.

"Mexicana is an airline with a great tradition of quality service and exceeding consumer expectations. They are exactly the type of company we are looking to partner with," said Rodney Rad, CPS Vice President of Marketing. "Their 85th anniversary gives Cellboost the perfect occasion to recognize Mexicana."

Cellboost for either Nokia or Motorola cell phones will be offered to Executive Class passengers by the gate agents upon check-in. The promotion will run through the month of April and will be available for travelers heading to Mexico from any of Mexicana's 13 US-based terminals, including Los Angeles International Airport, O'Hare International Airport (Chicago), San Francisco International Airport, Baltimore Washington International Airport, Denver International Airport, McCarran International Airport (Las Vegas), Miami International Airport, JFK International Airport (New York), Oakland International Airport, San Jose International Airport, Portland International Airport, Sacramento International Airport and San Antonio International Airport.

"Mexicana is constantly looking for ways to bring added value to our customers," said Jorge Goytortua Bores, Regional Vice President Sales & Service/West Coast USA & Canada, Mexicana Airlines. "Over the last 85 years we have learned our customers' needs and being connected is definitely a big priority for them. This partnership with Compact Power Systems will help to ensure that anyone who has forgotten their cell phone charger will not have to worry. We look forward to continuing the celebrations throughout the year by continuing to show our appreciation to our loyal customers, who have made Mexicana Airlines the Number One carrier between the U.S. and Mexico."

Cellboost for cell phones offers an instant battery power for today's electronics dependent consumer. The pocket-sized new line of accessories, inserted into the same port as the standard AC charger port, will restore power to dead or dying devices within seconds, without using electrical outlets, battery changes or cords. The Cellboost units simultaneously power and charge the devices; can be used in one charging session or several; and can be thrown away when the power is exhausted.