CISC Extends Activities Towards Smart Access to the Energy Grid

September 01, 2011 by Jeff Shepard

CISC Semiconductor GmbH starts into research and development phase of the European ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking project "Internet of Energy for Electric Mobility" (IoE) – officially started in May 2011 – and hence broadens its activities towards developing a way of accessing the Energy Grid.

The IoE research project aims to develop hardware, software and middleware for seamless, secure connectivity and interoperability achieved by connecting the Internet with the energy grids. The application of the IoE will be the infrastructure for the electric mobility.

A total budget of around €45 Million will be jointly invested by CISC and its 41 partners (industrial companies, research institutions and universities) from 10 European Countries within the next three years to provide solutions for access to and optimization of energy management for the Energy Grid. The project is funding by the ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking and the national public funding agencies from the respective partners (for CISC in Austria the Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG).

This so called "Smart Energy Grid" will build the infrastructure for electric mobility based on renewable energy resources by allowing the connection of power network devices and loads to any source of energy (solar, wind or hydro) with the purpose of personalized secure recharging, recuperation and making the energy networks more efficient.

CISC Semiconductor will develop intelligent interfaces between the energy grid and the Internet, to link energy producers, suppliers and consumers alike. The core part of CISC’s interfaces will build an identification platform that enables personalized secure access to the Smart Energy Grid and automatic invoicing by using secure identification technology with e.g. a Smartphone, where CISC experts can draw on many years of profound knowledge regarding secure wireless identification.

Having the security issue of wireless access to the smart energy network in mind, Josef Preishuber-Pflügl RFID+RFComm BU Manager at CISC Semiconductor and professional for international standards stated: "The knowledge and expertise in terms of standardization gives us the opportunity to professionally deal with any security questions that might appear and will be highly beneficial not only for our objective, but for the project as a whole."

Furthermore, Dr. Markus Pistauer, CEO of CISC Semiconductor added: "We are proud to play here an important part, as advanced security and privacy technology provided by us will take the smart grid another big step into the future."

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