Cherokee Europe Becomes Mitra Energy & Infrastructure

November 11, 2008 by Jeff Shepard

Following the recent acquisition of Cherokee Europe by its management, the company has changed its name to Mitra Energy & Infrastructure (MITRA E&I). The company plans to further develop what it describes as its leading expertise in designing electrical energy conversion solutions and systems integration for the medical, telecommunication, transportation and industrial markets.

The management team states its firm belief in the upward potential of the enterprise. "The performance and innovative design of our energy conversion solutions provides an opportunity for customers to operate their systems with higher efficiency and better return on investment. We have designed a unique monitoring and control platform which enhances and eases network management of energy and remote infrastructures." commented Eric Brouwers, CEO.

MITRA E&I will also focus on its recently designed integrated solutions for the transportation segment particularly for the infrastructure of rail and subway stations. The company claims a thorough understanding of the market needs for engineers that have a great ability to work very closely with customers and that can help them identify their power needs. Therefore the strategy of the management will be to further develop custom-tailored embedded or integrated solutions. MITRA E&I will concentrate also on its core competence, which goes across market segments with unique solutions more recently designed, for example, for lighting, industrial and medical applications.

This vision for the future is underlined by the change of name. The word MITRA is rooted in the ancient Indo-European culture, and can be translated as both "friend" and "contract." In its original meaning, it was the name of a mythological god who proactively watched over human deeds and was closely associated with all the vital energy in the world.

"The new drive in the company will make sure that MITRA E&I rises fully to the expectations of our customers" added Eric Brouwers. "Our new name translates into efficient energy not only in terms of conversion products but in the way we shall support our customers� demands and convert their needs into deeds."