BTI and RBC to Codevelop Rechargeable Alkaline Technology

August 15, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Battery Technologies Inc. (BTI, Ontario, Canada) has entered into an exclusive development agreement with RBC Technologies (College Station, TX) to conduct research and development into new, rechargeable alkaline chemistries. BTI is the inventor, developer and owner of the patented rechargeable alkaline manganese battery technology on which it holds 43 patents related to chemistry, product design and manufacturing processes.

Upon completion of the technical development, a joint-venture entity, equally owned by the principals, is to be formed to pursue new business potentials. Initial activities will focus on cylindrical cell opportunities with the goal of advancing chemistries for commercial introduction.

J. Bruce Pope, president and CEO of BTI, said, "The proprietary RZA technology owned by RBC, and their signficant progress in prismatic (flat) cell development, when combined with BTI's extensive expertise in transforming new alkaline chemistry for commercial use, should lead to a significant advancement in portable energy products."