Ballard Ships Initial 100 ElectraGen Systems For Backup Power in Wireless Telecom Networks

September 27, 2012 by Jeff Shepard

Ballard Power Systems confirmed shipment of the Company's first 100 ElectraGen™ fuel cell power generation systems to Cascadiant Inc. and Inala Technologies, Ballard distributors in Southeast Asia and South Africa, respectively.

These are the first 100 systems shipped subsequent to a recent transaction through which Ballard acquired select assets from IdaTech, a Ballard customer for the past several years. The systems are comprised of both direct hydrogen ElectraGen-H2 units as well as methanol fuelled ElectraGen-ME units and are planned for deployment in the networks of wireless telecom service providers.

ElectraGen-ME systems incorporate a fuel reformer to extract hydrogen from HydroPlus™, a mixture of methanol and water available from accredited suppliers around the world. The hydrogen is then used as feedstock for the fuel cells. Methanol is a readily available fuel around the globe, making ElectraGen-ME a practical solution for backup power needs even in remote locations.

Ballard's portfolio of highly reliable fuel cell power generation systems provides more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solutions for "short duration runtime" and "extended duration runtime" backup power applications than the alternatives of lead-acid batteries and diesel generators. Further information regarding Ballard's backup power solutions is available on the company's website.