BAE Systems to Develop Humvee Vehicle Power System

July 17, 2005 by Jeff Shepard

The United States Office of Naval Research has selected BAE Systems Controls (Johnson City, NY) to begin development of an on-board vehicle power system for the Marine Corps' High-Mobility, Multi-Purpose Wheeled Vehicle, known commonly as the Humvee. The study contract calls for system requirements definition and preliminary design work on a system that would enable a Humvee to generate 30 kW of continuous, mobile, on-board power.

BAE Systems will apply its power management experience in both military and commercial hybrid vehicles to its solution for the Marine Corps requirement. BAE Systems is the propulsion and power subsystem integrator for the Future Combat Systems, Multi-Function, Utility/Logistics Equipment vehicle. The Office of Naval Research's On-Board Vehicle Power study contract includes an option to fund BAE Systems to develop a prototype system for installation on a Humvee to support US government testing.

"Our power management expertise has been recognized in both the military and commercial segments," said BAE Systems' Vice President of Power Systems Hank McGlynn. "The expertise we have built through these activities is directly applicable to the US Marine Corps' need for the vehicle-based, on-board power that will make possible the more-electric force of tomorrow."