Astris Energi to Display Freedom Golf Car at Expo

September 12, 2004 by Jeff Shepard

Astris Energi Inc. (Mississauga, ON), a developer of alkaline fuel cell technology, announced that it will be participating in Toronto's Better Transportation Expo from September 13-15, 2004. The event will focus on low-emission transportation and alternative fuel vehicles. Astris will be displaying its alkaline fuel-cell-powered Freedom Golf Car.

Powered by Astris' 1 kW E6 power generator, the Freedom car has a top cruising speed of 31 kph with better acceleration and hill climbing than with a conventional battery-powered model and, unlike gas powered versions, there is no noxious exhaust or engine noise. The car is fueled by a 33 L, refillable, carbon fibre hydrogen tank that will last up to three days under typical usage.