Analog Devices Promotes David Robertson to Vice President of Analog Technology

October 29, 2009 by Jeff Shepard

Analog Devices, Inc. announced the promotion of David (Dave) Robertson to the position of Vice President of Analog Technology. In this position, Robertson works across all organizational teams to coordinate and leverage ADI’s technical expertise to best serve customers.

"It takes a tremendous amount of analog innovation to fuel the ’digital revolution’, and there are breakthrough analog and mixed-signal technologies behind the most in-demand features across a wide range of applications from consumer electronics, communications, and computing to robotics, medical imaging, and automobiles," said Dave Robertson, Vice President, Analog Technology. "ADI remains true to its analog roots, and from its beginnings as an amplifier company more than 40 years ago, the company has expanded its portfolio of linear and converter products to include DSPs, RF, MEMS sensors, and more recently power management products.&quot.

"The breadth and depth of ADI’s technology is simultaneously one of our greatest strengths and one of our great challenges," said Mr. Robertson. "In the new role, I will be working across ADI’s technology teams to ensure ADI makes the most of what it has today while pushing the technology forward to our customers’ greatest advantage."

Robertson joined ADI in 1985 and has worked on high-speed converter product design in a variety of process technologies, including complementary bipolar, BiCMOS, and submicron CMOS. Previously, as product line director for the High-Speed Signal Processing business unit, Robertson directed both core converter development and the mixed-signal product strategy focusing on broadband communications applications. Robertson has served on the Technical Program Committee for the ISSCC (International Solid States Circuits Conference) since 1999 and has served as chair of the Analog/Data Converter subcommittee from 2003 through 2009. Mr. Robertson is an active member of ISTAC (Information Systems Technical Advisory Committee), a joint committee of industry and government members working to advise on technology export controls.

Robertson has authored numerous technical papers and presentations for venues such as the ISSCC and the VLSI Symposium. He was awarded 16 patents on converters and mixed-signal circuits.