Alliant Energy to Debut Capstone Microturbines

June 24, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

Capstone Turbine Corp. (Chatsworth, CA) announced that after months of planning, equipment installation and testing, Alliant Energy-Wisconsin Power and Light (WP&L, Madison, WI), RMT Inc. and the Sauk County Landfill have completed a project to capture methane gas produced by decomposing waste at the landfill and cleanly burn the gas to generate electricity.

The energy that is generated from the gas will be sold back to Alliant Energy-WP&L. The facility has eight 30kW Capstone microturbines to generate enough electricity to power about 100 average homes. Within the next year, an additional four microturbines will be added, increasing the electrical capacity by 120kW.