Advanced Battery and ECr to Develop Electric Bus

August 04, 2005 by Jeff Shepard

Advanced Battery Technologies Inc. (ABAT, China), a developer of rechargeable polymer-lithium-ion (PLI) batteries, has signed a letter of intent with ECr Technologies Inc. to jointly develop an all-electric bus. The joint venture will focus on maximizing the number of parts specifically designed for electric buses so that the bus will be more competitive with alternative drive systems, such as traditional buses or hybrids. ABAT will supply the batteries, including the battery management and charging systems.

ECr is led by three major scientists, each of whom has more than 30 years of experience in the development of electric vehicles, including battery-driven, electric buses. Chief scientist, Samuel Romano, founded Georgetown University's Advanced Vehicle Development program and directs the US Department of Transportation's program addressing the development of fuel cells in the US. In turn, ABAT began development work on electric buses in 2003.

"We're excited about our new working relationship with ECr Technologies and expect that our work with ECr Technologies will accelerate the development of electric buses using our PLI battery for use in China and worldwide," commented ABAT Chairman Zhiguo Fu.