ADI Announces Election of Christine King to BOD

June 30, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

Analog Devices Inc. (ADI, Wilmington, MA) announced the election of semiconductor industry veteran Christine King to the board of directors. As part of her director responsibilities, King will serve on ADI's Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee. The addition of King brings the total number of directors to eight. King has been president and CEO of AMI Semiconductor since September of 2001. Prior to this, she was vice president of Semiconductor Products for IBM Microelectronics.

"Chris brings tremendous semiconductor industry experience that encompasses not only management positions but also technical positions in her 26 years in the semiconductor industry," said Ray Stata, ADI chairman. "With her years of experience with IBM Microelectronics and her current position as CEO of AMI Semiconductor, she has the background to provide insight on many different levels of our business."