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Xantech Goes Green With New Energy Efficient Power Supplies

November 25, 2007 by Jeff Shepard

Xantech Corp. announced that its ERGPS: Energy Efficient Regulated Power Supplies, will now be packaged with all of the company’s IR Kits.

"The ERGPS energy efficient power supplies are every bit as reliable and robust as our power supplies have always been, but in addition will reduce electricity costs, and with so many Xantech installations being done, the environment will benefit from the lower energy consumption," said Thu Le, Brand Manager at Xantech.

The ERGPS energy efficient regulated 12Vdc power supplies will be packaged with all of the company’s IR Kits. Two models will be available for other IR based installations. The 781ERGPS will replace the 781RG power supply that has been used in countless IR distribution installations while the 782ERGPS will replace the 782-00.

In addition, the ERGPS has two new features. The power supply is now packaged in a smaller form factor. This is said to allow for easier installation onto crowded power strips. The second new feature is a secure-fit plug that interfaces with all Xantech IR connecting blocks. A small indentation on the secure-fit plugs is said to allow a tight and secure connection every time. It is claimed that this will reduce accidental disconnection which can result in installation headaches and service calls.